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Lexington Center, Lexington, KY

Lexington Center, Lexington, KY

Working over the course of three and one half decades on virtually all product types of real estate, with some of the finest land planning, engineering, legal, financial, construction, brokerage and other firms throughout the U.S., while studying hundreds of the most exciting projects ever developed or evolved on six continents throughout the world, Buckwalter Commercial personnel have been and continue to be uniquely qualified and inspired to handle the opportunities and challenges at Buckwalter.

The Team continues to be truly blessed to have a creative team of governmental, financial, environmental and educational visionaries, technological leaders, consultants, and other supporters who truly understand, appreciate and desire to help form and be an integral part of the forward looking holistic vision of Buckwalter.

Based in Bluffton, Buckwalter Commercial personnel are uniquely qualified to formulate and implement the critical commercial components of its Buckwalter holdings. Key personnel were fortunate to have helped create a diverse group of quality developments in some of the most dynamic, forward thinking regions in the U.S. over the past 35+ years.

Typically, as President, COO and/or managing Partner of the ownership entities, Buckwalter Commercial personnel have had full operational authority and responsibility for more than two and one half decades with all functional activities of real estate including its acquisition, development, redevelopment, leasing, marketing, financing, administration and sales.

Geographically, the projects have been located in states throughout the United States including California, Utah, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Michigan and Pennsylvania, enabling Buckwalter Commercial personnel to have a national perspective to complement their strong regional understanding.

Property types have included large scale mixed use communities and PUDs, high quality mixed-use, hospitality, downtown and suburban retail, downtown and suburban office, entertainment, flex space, medical, financial, warehouse, industrial, distribution, R&D, educational and other institutional, timber lands, recreational parks, private/public partnerships, as well as water, mineral and timber rights.

This diverse expertise with multiple product lines requiring different approaches and skills enables Buckwalter Commercial personnel to help provide the vision, strategic direction and investment policies necessary to quickly shift priorities and business lines and nimbly adjust to the ever changing real estate markets and dynamics.

The Team is also one of the few in the Lowcountry with this breadth and intensity of experience on all sides of all transaction types. Whether for their own accounts, as partners, or as the principal designated representative, the key personnel provided hands-on representation in negotiations on behalf of:

  • Both buyers and sellers on countless commercial and land purchase/sale transactions
  • Both landlords and tenants on hundreds of commercial lease transactions
  • Both the development partners and money partners in numerous partnerships, JV's, LLC's
  • Both borrowers and lenders on $100's of millions of private and public financings
  • Both lenders and borrowers on $100's of millions of workout and/or other challenged properties
  • The private sector on PUDS, rezoning, annexations, permitting, condemnation proceedings, and significant private/public partnerships
  • Numerous Fortune 500, startup, and other organizations in other business lines.

Buckwalter Commercial, LLC's personnel understand, appreciate, and are committed to serving the needs of the region. With strong academic, operational, institutional and entrepreneurial foundations and backgrounds in finance, investments, law, and engineering the Team has a proven track record with the art, science and business of incorporating high quality commercial into large mixed-use communities. The Team is also active with numerous economic development and diversification, technology, educational, environmental, entrepreneurial, international and planning initiatives at the Town, County, region and beyond. Their full attention, expertise, and hands on approach toward implementation is available to help make the vision for its Buckwalter holdings a reality.


Mikohn Gaming Building

Mikohn Gaming Building

In 1999, Tom Zinn moved to Bluffton and joined with two other partners to eventually form RRZ LLC, whose related companies purchased Belfair, a private golf course community which was under development in Bluffton, South Carolina, developed the high quality residential communities of Berkeley Hall and Hampton Hall, and acquired 4,300 acres of the Buckwalter Tract.

Mr. Zinn assembled a small team of highly qualified and motivated individuals operating as Buckwalter Commercial, who devoted most all of their effort to the acquisition of and numerous other predevelopment and development activities associated with the 4,300 acres of the Buckwalter tract prior to the spin-off of acreage to unrelated and related parties, while continuing to manage all real estate activities on 5,000 acres in Hurricane, Utah and some relatively passive other real estate investments.

Since its inception, the Team's vision has been to establish Buckwalter as the most extraordinary, exciting and revolutionary PUD anywhere in the Lowcountry and Buckwalter Place as the heart and soul of the Buckwalter PUD.


Buckwalter Commercial's early attention was principally focused on coordinating the many elements necessary to help make the Buckwalter PUD one of the most truly extraordinary, well-planned and implemented mixed-use developments in the Region. The 4,300 acre acquisition was accomplished in phases with the first phase utilizing a unique mixture of purchase mortgage financings, a bank line of credit and equity funding from a 1031 sale/exchange of property it developed and sold in St. George, Utah.

The Buckwalter Commercial activities include:

  • Development and entitlement agreements allowing predictable and fair development decisions were put in place
  • Critical environmentally sensitive areas were identified and preserved including the Okatie River Headwaters Park
  • Buckwalter, Bluffton and Hampton Parkways and other road alignments were set and reset
  • Utility agreements were negotiated, and trunk lines were constructed
  • Funding commitments for the Buckwalter activities were accomplished
  • Wetland permitting and initial master plan approvals for significant portions of the acreage were completed
  • Most public infrastructure planning was accomplished
  • Silviculture activities were managed
  • Road, pathway and bike interconnectivity issues and opportunities were addressed
  • Many of the community and other anchors were put in place
  • Distinctive, strong senses of "place" were identified and created
  • Land uses were mixed to be synergistically compatible
  • Truly unique public/private working relationships with the Town of Bluffton, Beaufort County, Palmetto Electric, the Open Land Trust, several educational institutions, etc. were put in place
  • The full application of technology in a fully integrated live/ work/ learn/ dine/ shop/ play/ relax/ be entertained environment is proceeding
  • Important conveyances to establish the PUD's entertainment center, passive park, residential mix, and sales to financial and religious institutions were completed
  • The implementation of the vision for Buckwalter Place, perhaps the region's most exciting and innovative project, including a technology village, government center, and retail village is well underway


Framption Tract PDD

Frampton Tract PDD
Point South, SC

Summerton Commerce Park

Summerton Commerce Park
Summerton, SC

4e Group Logo

4e Group - www.4egroup.com

  • Summerton Commerce Village - 84 acres at the southwest quadrant of the Exit 108 Interchange in Summerton, SC

4e Group Logo

Winding River Realty - Utah - www.windingriver-utah.com

  • Consulting/development company that recently completed its assignment for Winding River Associates that included sales of 5,000 acres of land, totaling approximately $70 million.

4e Group Logo

Zinn Realty Corporation

  • Franklin Center - 110,000 sq. ft. downtown office building in Johnstown, PA
  • Watterson Medical Center - 70,000 sq. ft. suburban medical office building in Louisville, KY.
  • Sparkling Creek Farms - seven lots remain, comprising 40 acres of a fifteen lot, 70 acre subdivision in Donegal, PA

4e Group Logo

Other Investments of Zinn Asset Management Corporation Affiliates

  • Paducah Square - www.PaducahSquare.com - 83,000 sq. ft. former Wal-Mart anchored shopping center on Irvin Cobb Drive in Paducah, KY, presently anchored by Surplus City, a former affiliated retail startup company.
  • Frampton Plantation PDD - 181 acres on SC 17 near the southeast quadrant of Exit 33 of I-95 and adjacent to Point South.
  • Live Oak Group LLC - Investment in company with three real estate assets.

Watterson Medical Center, Louisville, KY

Watterson Medical Center
Louisville, KY

Franklin Center, Johnstown, PA

Franklin Center
Johnstown, PA

Paducah Square, KY

Paducah Square,
Paducah KY

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