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With a proven nationwide multi-decade track record of producing extraordinary returns for its investors and “hands on” experience developing live/work/play/recreate/educate communities, Zinn Asset Management, Corp. (“ZAM”) is one of the few real estate firms in the country who have focused on achieving regional economic sustainability through its real estate activities.  In fact, many of its real estate related projects have included economic development, education, entrepreneurship, environmental, technology, transportation enhancements, healthcare, technology, transportation enhancements, historic preservation, and/or quality of life initiatives (“ZAM targeted initiatives”).

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The motto at ZAM is simple - You can do good, have fun, and make money - they are not mutually exclusive!

The more defined motto is still simple -  We are a real estate development firm that seeks to obtain the utmost value from mixed-use projects in the right locations which respect a community’s form and character, which offer opportunities for local economic development, which embrace environmental responsibility and energy productivity, which incorporate design that prioritizes the human experience, which accommodate changing land uses over time, and which build social capital.

ZAM is managed as one firm, located in Bluffton, SC.   ZAM has considerable expertise in the evaluation and oversight of real estate companies and investments nationwide through all economic and market cycles.

ZAM’s proven operational experience and successes span the gamut from startup companies with no or virtually no assets and overhead to a $200 million (i.e., in 1986 dollars which is equivalent to $450+ million in 2017 dollars) company with $3.5 million (i.e., in 1986 dollars which is equivalent to $8+ million in 2017 dollars) of base corporate overhead alone.  In all cases, ZAM works closely on the particular needs, opportunities and/or challenges of the company.

Generally, Zinn Asset Management makes equity investments for long-term appreciation, normally either through 50/50 ownership of the operating company or a strategic minority position.  As a managing partner of the companies, ZAM makes its money just as its investors do, through the increased value over time in its investments.  A significant portion of the personal assets of the ZAM principals is committed to these investments, and thus they share the risks of ownership.



Our long standing goal is to provide the vehicle by which our investors can deploy large amounts of capital and achieve returns on their investment that very significantly outstrip those achieved by virtually all other private and public real estate related or other companies and virtually all other investment vehicles as well. The keys to our extraordinary historic track record and successes over the past three plus decades are:

  • Identification of real estate markets with extraordinarily favorable short and long term demand/supply characteristics
  • Creativity to see the hidden value in real estate assets that many times others do not
  • A “full court press” approach to entitlements, acquisition, development, leasing and sale, implemented with speed and precision to maximize returns
  • Ability to reposition and adjust (i.e., instantaneously, if necessary) among land, retail, office, residential, R&D, industrial, hospitality, etc. uses,
  • Decades of “hands on” experience meeting the needs of investors and other parties through real estate value creationand achieving material positive progress with “ZAM/investor targeted initiatives”; and
  • The patience to remain focused and to timely invest and reinvest wisely through all cycles with unique approaches that maximize returns and minimize risks.

ZAM’s hallmark approaches have always included its willingness and ability to seize opportunities quickly, remain flexible and to continually and successfully adapt to changing market conditions. ZAM Team Capabilities Document (See Full Details)

In summary, it is the experience, creativity and resources that ZAM brings to bear on all aspects of its activities that set the firm apart – from transaction origination, to the oversight and stewardship of its investments and finally, the formulation and execution of its strategies for realizing the value created. ZAM is proud that its capabilities in each of these areas have never been greater.

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